"Next to doing the right thing, the most important thing is to let people know you are doing the right thing"
John D. Rockefeller
We are a Hong Kong based European company with the goal to present consumers with choices of products from companies that are not driven by mere profits, but by the demand for healthier products; companies that take their responsibilities to the Earth seriously.

GreenPages provides a super clean and uncluttered interface offering consumers information on sustainable, environmentally friendly, organic and fair trade accredited products. One of our distinguishing features is allowing consumers not only to read product information, but also to browse and find locations where these products can be purchased.


1. Select a Country – We only show you countries where we have information on available "green" products;

2. Area – Select a location near you or choose the place you have an interest in. Only places where we have information for green products will be listed here;

3. Categories – Explore a specific product category referring to products that are listed on GreenPages;

4. Sub-Categories – narrow down to a product type;

5. Brand – We will show a list of brand(s) that fulfill the chosen criteria;

6. Product – Click on the product which you are interested in and the result page will show you places where you can find it.


It is not about looking for consumers, but looking for products. Our readers are clearly looking for products that are sustainable, environmentally friendly, organic and fair trade already, but might not be able to find them.

As a brand of "green" products, you do not need to look for them. They are looking for you already, and they can find you here at GreenPages. If you are not already on GreenPages, please contact us now so that we can add and showcase your product to our readers.


All we need are information about your certified product(s) and information where they can be found. They can be regional or international. We don’t list contacts of distributors or wholesalers, but actual physical stores that offer them.

And we almost forgot, we do not charge for this at all. It may just cost you a bit of time to prepare the information, but that's it. We simply make it easier to find and show it to consumers.

We merely rely on your support in providing us with this information. It is as easy as it is written here.
GreenPages NEWS
Our NEWS section provides an additional stage where our readers can find exciting information about brands and their products that are accredited environmentally friendly, fair trade or organic. 
Brands can post news about upcoming product launches; a participation in an exhibition; updates about new store openings; upcoming sales promotions and so much more.
We want to make it easier for consumers to find interesting news about healthy and responsible products. Similar to being listed here, sharing news with our local and global audience on GreenPages is also completely free.
We would be silly charging brands for news that can only benefit our readers.
So if your product is accredited and you want to let the world know, just drop us a line.